Kayaker Gets the Thrill of His Life as Curious Orcas Surround Kayak in Puget Sound

Washington State resident Brett Aho got the thrill – and scare – of his life when a group of curious orca whales approached his kayak in the Puget Sound on February 24.

Aho told Storyful he and a group of friends decided to go out kayaking, that’s when they saw orca fins in the distance.

The orcas headed towards the group and kept getting closer until they reached the kayakers, “We were definitely trying to get out of their way. When they popped up right next to me, it scared the crap out of me. My hands were shaking like crazy, thank you video stabilization. They really are huge, easily larger than a kayak.”

Aho believes the whales belong to a pod of Southern resident killer whales based on reports from the area. Credit: Brett Aho via Storyful