This kid found a dead rat in his soft drink

Leah Cohen

You’d think when drinking out of a 600 millilitre soft drink bottle, you’d realise if something, say for example, a dead rat, was in there.

This poor three-year-old kid from Texas, had no idea there was in fact a dead rat in his Dr. Pepper soda.

A boy found a rat in his Dr. Pepper drink. Photo: Facebook

Kayden drank half of the black sugary fluid before his grandfather, John Graves, discovered the beady-eyed rodent bobbing around the in the bottle.

KPRC2 in Houston shared the photos on Facebook and you can clearly make out the animal’s body, eyes, nose and ears submerged in the soft drink.

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Facebook users were shocked about the discovery but found it more astonishing that the kid was allowed to consume a whole bottle of sugar-laced soda.

“I’m sorry, but am I the only one thinking why the hell a three-year-old is drinking all of that soda anyway? Lol,” said one user.

“What’s worse, the rat? Or the 64g of sugar you just let your grandson drink.” Another said.

John Graves took his grandson, Kayden, to the doctor to get tests. Photo: Facebook

The controversial post shared almost 5000 times also raised eyebrows about whether it was real or not.

“Why am I suspicious this will turn out to be a hoax?.. .I feel like the poor rodent would have dissolved into its basic elements having been in that much soda, but I feel bad for the boy if he really did drink rat soda,” another Facebook user pondered.

Concerned for the health of his grandson, Graves immediately took Kayden to the pediatrician to undergo several blood and urine tests. They are now waiting for the results.

You can see the rat's features. Photo: Facebook

According to KPRC2, Dr. Pepper released a statement saying, “It is virtually impossible for any foreign object to enter any container during the bottling process… “

However, food safety expert Jay Neal told KPRC2 it is possible for a rodent to fit through a small hole, “They don’t have bones, they have cartilage, and they can squeeze through it.”

The soft drink company asked for the bottle back to be tested, but Graves has refused for the time being so he can conduct tests of his own to find out where the rat came from.

Can we just take a second - a little boy drank a drink with a dead rat inside it! Ew!