Jackie O: 'My husband wears my undies'

Alicia Vrajlal

Just weeks after confessing she has breastfed her husband, radio presenter Jackie O admits her hubby Lee Henderson has also worn her underwear in the past.

Speaking on her KIIS 106.5 FM radio show on Monday morning, the 41-year-old Australian star revealed her man "loved" the feel of the female briefs, and "wore them regularly" at one stage.

Recounting the first time Lee slipped on a pair of her undies, Jackie told co-host Kyle Sandilands: "The next day he said, 'God, I really love these pants', and he wore them regularly".

Just weeks after confessing she has breastfed her husband, radio presenter Jackie O admits her hubby Lee Henderson has also worn her underwear in the past. Source: Getty

"It was a while ago, it wasn't recent," Jackie added, but regardless of the timeline, Kyle jumped on the opportunity to poke some fun.

"Did it feel more comfortable? I know why he probably feels more comfortable, because in the men’s undies he would have had all that room at the front," 45-year-old Kyle began.

And Jackie knew exactly where her co-host was going with this, and confirmed his suspicions once and for all.

"You do look like you’re packing down there when you’re wearing women’s undies," she said.

Jackie and Lee share young daughter Kitty. Source: Instagram.

"How embarrassing you’ve got to wear women’s undies to look like he’s endowed," Kyle cheekily responded.

Jackie then insisted that the underwear Lee wore wasn't over the top, saying: "But they weren’t lace or silk or anything like that".

"They looked like men’s undies except that they were lime green, a lovely soft pale green."

Kyle then joked: "And you're sure he's never been with a man?".

Jackie and Lee in 2003. Source: Instagram.

The shock jock also said he hasn't worn any of his girlfriend Imogen Anthony's underwear, saying: "I'm a big boy. What type of girl's undies am I going to fit in?"

Speaking of Imogen, the model is mostly seen sporting skimpy briefs and G-stings on her social media.

Weighing in on that particular style of underwear on men, Jackie said: "I’m not a fan of that. Guys don’t need to wear a G-string.

"Why do you need to wear a G-string? We don’t see your panty line really anyway, you’re in jeans all the time."

Meanwhile in November Kyle told listeners about the time his co-host’s breasts leaked milk after she gave birth six years ago.

Meanwhile Kyle has previously sported a bra on the radio show. Source: Instagram

"We were all shocked because she was wearing a green, silky top, and it just started to go dark green," Kyle explained. “We were on air when it happened and I just said, 'What the hell!'

"We found out that her husband [Lee Henderson] had been suckling on the breast, God knows why," he said.

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Embarrassed, Jackie responded: "Oh God, you love to bring this story up, don't you?"

Kyle added: "He was pretending to be a baby or something," to which Jackie defended Lee, insisting he was "just being silly".

Imogen says he hasn't worn girlfriend Imogen Anthony's underwear before. Source: Instagram

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