Kyle hits back at Millsy

Rebekah Scanlan

Last week former Australian Idol star Rob Mills sensationally said he'd never go on the Kyle and Jackie-O show ever again after claiming he was badly treated.

Now Kyle Sandilands has hit back at the singer's statement, calling it 'bulls*t'.

Outspoken radio host Kyle has hit back at Rob Mills. Source: KIIS FM

“He knew he was doing it,” Kyle revealed on air. “He knew it was happening beforehand ... He’s running around pretending he was dealt this terrible situation which was bulls*t.”

The outspoken jock even had some evidence to throw weight to his case, saying he'd 'found' the tweet that Millsy had 'liked' after he appeared on the show.

Rob made the upsetting statement on a rival radio show. Source: Nova FM

“If you were so offended, why would you go and like the link?” Kyle, 46, continued, adding that he returned four months after the appearance in question.

Speaking on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny Show last month, Millsy revealed that a he 'hated' Kyle and Jackie-O for making him take part in a segment called “Scary-oke.”

“They threw a tuna fish pie in my face," he told the hosts. "They covered me in honey and then they covered me in feathers and I was like, ‘What the hell?’”

Has a war broken out between the pair? Source: Getty

Jackie O suggested the singer's comments were 'a little bit tongue in cheek', but Kyle wasn’t convinced.

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Kyle has made a point of offering Millsy the chance to go on the show to clarify. Source: KIIS FM

Kyle however wasn't taking the slam lying down and suggested Rob came on their KIIS FM show to explain himself.

So far though it seems, it's an offer Rob isn't keen to take up.

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