"I laughed": Kyle on Rove's radio fail

Alicia Vrajlal

The over decade-long feud between Kyle Sandilands and Rove McManus continues, just as Rove and co-host Sam Frost have been dumped from 2Day FM's breakfast time slot.

Speaking on his KIIS FM breakfast radio show on Monday, 45-year-old Kyle admitted to fellow presenter Jackie O, that he had "laughed" when he heard the news about his competitors moving to an evening segment.

First up the radio star listened back to some audio from last year, in which he had predicted that Rove and Sam would get the boot after 12 months.

Kyle Sandilands admits he

2Day FM radio show was booted from its breakfast time slot. Source: Getty">

At the time he had said: "Here's my prediction. Rove will stay for at least a year, they'll blame that poor girl for the bad ratings".

After listening back to that, Kyle said on Monday: "Oh yeah and now that show’s been a**holed. Didn’t need to be a psychic to realise that was going to happen".

When 41-year-old Jackie asked Kyle what he initially thought when he learned of Rove's show getting axed, he responded: "I laughed".

"Sorry, I had to be honest. I was on a radio website and it said that they’d been given the a**".

KIIS FM star Kyle says no one needs to be a psychic to realise Rove and Sam Frost wouldn't last long in that prime time slot. Source: Getty

Also taking a swipe at his former employer Austereo, Kyle added: "From what I read in the newspaper, they stand by their shows and 'we’re here for the long haul' and so that’s all just bulls***".

Kyle and Jackie O left Austereo's 2Day FM at the end of 2013, and moved to KIIS FM to headline its radio show.

Meanwhile in terms of the feud between Kyle and Rove, it's safe to say that the big personalities haven't seen eye-to-eye for quite some time.

In a completely unprompted outburst during a chat with Ricki-Lee Coulter last November, Kyle raged, “I hate Rove McManus… I can’t stand the c***.”

Kyle's feud with Rove (pictured) goes back many years. Source: Getty

“I don’t know what that’s got to do with anything,” he added unapologetically. “But yeah.”

The random dig occurred while Kyle was quizzing Ricki-Lee about whether or not she’d ever get back with her Young Divas bandmates, who reportedly split after a huge fall-out in 2008.

Ricki-Lee responded with a resounding "no", admitting she'd "rather be alone", but by that point, Kyle had already got sidetracked, thinking about his own rivalry with Rove.

Kyle’s previously revealed that the beef started back in 2003 when Rove slammed the solo album of his wife at the time, Tamara Jaber.

“When Tamara brought those songs out a few years ago and the newspapers started canning her and lying, saying I was the only person playing it... Rove jumped on the bandwagon and started to have a go,” he explained.

“So when he started sinking the boot in, I started hating him.”

Kyle hosts KIIS FM's Sydney breakfast radio show with Jackie O. Source: Instagram

However, Kyle reckons the pair drew a truce after Rove’s wife Belinda Emmett passed away and he apologised for his comments about Tamara.

“Then two weeks later he was an a**hole to me and Tamara on his TV show,” Kyle added.

“Everyone thinks he’s cookies and cream when he’s a little p****. He’s a little a**hole.”

But the feud was news to Rove when he was asked about it in 2011 by the Herald Sun.

“As I keep saying to people, for there to be a rivalry it has to go two ways and it's just from him,” he said. “I have no feelings for him either way.”

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While Rove and Sam are no longer on air in the mornings, comedian Em Rusciano is stepping in with Harley Breen.

Over the weekend she hit back at Jackie O who had said that it is essential that Em broadcast her show from Sydney, instead of Melbourne.

"I truly believe you need to broadcast from Sydney because there’s so much you’re missing out on if you’re not," Jackie told The Daily Telegraph.

Em hit back, telling the publication: "'I think it’s really insulting to the Sydney public to think they’re going to give a s***".

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