Kyle Sandilands is 'upping his sex game'

Olivia Morris

File this one under too much information.

Kyle Sandilands has revealed he's upping his sex game after being called “lazy”.

Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has admitted on-air that he is

Speaking on his hit KIIS FM show, the 46-year-old admitted he's not that adventurous when it comes to his bedroom antics with his 26-year-old girlfriend, Imogen Anthony.

"Usually I’ll just lay down nude and say 'do what you want with me, babe'," the radio host said, prompting his co-host Jackie O to joke, "so she puts make-up on you?".

It came after earlier reports emerged suggesting that Kyle was "lazy" prompting his girlfriend tell him that everyone now will think he's “a dead root.”

After he was labelled as

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“I thought, ‘Aw I better make some improvements in that area.’ So, now, I’m unreeling it,” the radio shock jock declared. “Where they pass out at the end.”

Very good to know, Kyle.

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