Kyle Sandilands shares another shocking sex admission

Olivia Morris

Kyle Sandilands loves to make a crass confession - and he's back at it again.

While live on-air on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, the shock jock spoke candidly to his co-host, Jackie O, about his masturbation escapades.

He admitted he starts off every day by pleasuring himself. That's after he sees himself totally starkers in the mirror. How lovely.

Kyle Sandilands has admitted he starts off everyday pleasuring himself. Source: KIIS FM

And if he's got a busy day ahead of him, he'll make it a quickie.

"I can get it done in 60 seconds," the 45-year-old said on-air.

"I'm an artist at this."

However, if he's got some time on his hands to spare, he won't rush himself.

If his girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, isn't home he'll make it a long one. Source: Instagram / @imogen_anthony

"If I've got heaps of time I'll draw it out," Kyle said.

Jackie didn't quite belief her co-host could do it in just a minute, but Kyle admitted it depends on the time, the place and if his girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, is home or not.

If Imogen isn't around Kyle 'takes time' with himself and he'll make sure to 'get the temperature right'.

In other incidences, like if Imogen is just popping down the stairs, Kyle will make it a quickie.

There you have it folks, some insight to how Kyle Sandilands pleasures himself and how often. Riveting.

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