Kim Kardashian roasts Jimmy Kimmel

Amy Stevenson

He's been known for his outspoken bursts on social media and now Kim Kardashian has used husband Kanye West's tweets to help roast Jimmy Kimmel on his birthday.

With the late night host celebrating his 50th birthday, Jimmy got his own version of his famous Mean Tweets segment with celeb pals offering their services to help roast him. Watch the clip above.

And while the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Howard Stern, Larry David, Liam Neeson, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence all read out tweets from social media users, Kim decided to share a tweet that Kanye previously aimed at Jimmy.

Jimmy Kimmel got his own Mean Tweets segment. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Kim Kardashian helped roast the birthday boy. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes... Oh no that means you would have gotten too much good p***y in your life," Kanye said in the 2013 tweet, which was read out by Kim.

Taking her own jab, Kim joked that she was clearly #TeamYeezy adding, "You have a point, Kanye."

Kim used one of hubby Kanye West's tweets. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Larry David got a kick out of the tweets. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Ray Romano kicked off the segment. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kanye started his seemingly one sided beef with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host back in 2013 after the host mocked a rather colourfully-worded interview he had done with UK's Radio 1.

While Jimmy may have gotten a kick out of the tweets it's unclear on whether Kanye offered an olive branch to end the beef over he last four years.

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