The Hype
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries' leaked wedding invitation. Credit:

The queen of flagrant self-promotion is getting married on August 20, and it's set to be fancy, with the invitation stipulating it's strictly a black tie affair.

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So, what else can you learn from the classy-looking invitation?

Well, the ceremony will be held in Montecito, California, just up the road from Oprah's mansion.

And then of course, the 'do is being thrown by by Kim's parents Kris and Bruce Jenner.

But that appears to be it. There's no mention of fiancé Kris Humpries' parents in the invitation at all.

Could Kris' parents have been left off the wedding invitations because Kris and Bruce - Kim's mother and stepfather - are footing the bill on the extravagant affair? Or could it be that they're relative nobodies that won't add star value to the invites?

Oh, and did we mention the groom Kris Humpries gets a small look-in in this otherwise Kardashian-ruled affair?