Kiwi captures cruise-ship crash

Aletha Wilkinson

A woman managed to film the dramatic moment that luxury cruise ship Seabourn Encore collided with another vessel, the Milburn Carrier II, in the port of Timaru, New Zealand.

"Oh, this is not good," the woman can be heard exclaiming, as the ship starts to drift and break free of its moorings.

Heavy winds blow the ship away from port and its moorings start to snap. Source: Facebook/Storyful

"Look at it."

The ship draws closer to another vessel. Source: Facebook/Storyful

"I hope you're getting all this on video," the woman's male companion chimes in.

"'Course I am," she replies. "I can't stop shaking. He's still got the ladder down... he's going to hit that Milburn. Oh my God!"

The moment of impact. Source: Facebook/Storyful

"Where's the blinkin' tugs?" the woman can be heard asking. "Look at these guys running on the ship!"

The footage ends with the cruise liner still only partially moored. Source: Facebook/Storyful

“There were mooring issues with the ship and a strong southerly wind blew it away from the wharf," Harbour master Jim Dilley told Radio New Zealand after the incident.

Both ships reportedly sustained damage and an inquiry has been launched by the New Zealand Transport Accident Commission.

None of the the more than 600 passengers and crew on board were injured.

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