Knee Arthroscopy: Is It For You?

Getting your knee scoped seems almost a rite of passage for active people in this day and age. In fact, knee arthroscopy is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the USA! But is it for you?

Arthroscopic surgery uses tiny buttonhole size incisions to explore the interior of the knee (and many other joints) and in many instances, repairs the damage that is found. It is one of the most significant technological advances in the world of orthopedic surgery, and is responsible for significant advances in the understanding, treatment, and rehabilitation of many joint problems.

So is [../ency/healthwise/hw198580 arthroscopy] for you? Just because you have knee pain or other symptoms, does not mean that it can be fixed with a scope. For example, if arthritis is your main issue, arthroscopy will offer little in terms of symptom relief. Also, individuals with patellar or knee pain (a very common problem, especially adolescents), do not have super high success rates.

Arthroscopy is terrific for dealing with meniscus or cartilage tears and removing floating chips (loose bodies). Also, individuals with unstable knees, due to torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments can have new ligaments put in to successfully fix their instability. Also, we are now able to repair and restore localized areas of damage to the joint surface or articular cartilage giving new life to some old joints.

Knee arthroscopy continues to evolve with greater advances each year. It has helped countless members of people in terms of paint relief and getting back to the activities they enjoy.

But remember, arthroscopy is not a panacea for every achy knee, so be sure to discuss all the pros and cons, including success rates for your unique problem, with your surgeon before joining the ever-growing knee scope club.