Kochie’s travel tips

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Kochie’s travel tips

Getting ready for the big adventure. Photo: Sunrise

Sunrise presenter Kochie shares his most unforgettable travel experiences, and more.

Next week the Sunrise team will be reporting live from five different countries in just five days.

Kicking things off in Dubai on Monday, Sam, Kochie and the team will then hit London, New York and the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls, before closing out the five-day stint in Cancun, Mexico. That’s a whopping 39,686km, seven flights and 48h, 22m flying time in total.

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Ahead of the whirlwind trip, we spoke with Kochie for two minutes to learn more about his top travel experiences.

The best hotel you've ever stayed in?

Faena in Buenos Aires. It had a tango club downstairs! Everything about it said ‘exotic South America.’

The most unforgettable restaurant you've ever experienced on your travels?

A barbecue on the back of a Russian icebreaker on New Year’s Eve in broad daylight as a sea lion floated by on an iceberg.

Your must-have travel item and why?

My iPad. It has everything – my books, videos and emails.

What are your top tips to beat jet lag?

Time your sleep on a plane for when you’re going to arrive. And keep hydrated.

Your favourite holiday spot in Australia?

Kangaroo Island. It’s our version of the Galapagos Islands. And there’s so much interesting produce.

The next destination on your travel bucket list?

The Inca Trail in Peru.

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