Kris back with ex - is it Dannii?

Amy Stevenson

Some of his female camp mates were hoping for a jungle hook-up but Kris Smith has shattered their chances after he confirmed he's off the market and back with an ex-girlfriend.

The father-of-one made the admission on Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, telling Tegan Martin "I'm not single" after she suggested he hook up with fellow camper Ash Pollard.

Kris admitted he's off the market. Source: Channel Ten
The model preferred to keep the woman's identity secret. Source: Channel Ten

"If you say you have a girlfriend you will have to go into who," Tegan replied after Kris said he intended to keep his new relationship quiet.

"I know. That's what I didn't want to do," he continued before adding he relationship hasn't been going on for "overly long" and it was still "early days".

Later on the program Kris told Ash, who had hoped for a jungle romance with the hunky Myer ambassador, that the mystery woman was an ex-girlfriend who he was "reconnecting with".

Kris said the relationship was in early days. Source: Channel Ten

"I have got a lot of feelings for her. I am reconnecting with my ex and everything else. It is fresh. We are talking again about fixing things up," he told the former MKR contestant.

It's unclear which ex Kris is referring to, however he shares six-year-old son Ethan with former partner Dannii Minogue, who he split from in 2012, while late last year he revealed his two-year relationship with model Maddy King had also ended.

For Dannii's part though, she is currently thought to be with long-term boyfriend, music producer Adrain Newman, who she went public with in 2014.

While chatting about his personal life last week on the reality show, Kris made the candid admission that his hang-ups about being “really short and heavy as a kid” caused the breakdown of his relationships, including his four-year romance with Dannii.

Ash had hoped for a jungle romance with Kris. Source: Channel Ten
Kris is off the market! Source: Channel Ten

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“Do you know what, I think I've ruined a lot of them," he admitted to Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Speaking about the reason his relationships with Dannii and Maddy failed, the former English rugby league player said: “[I was] just insecure and jealous. Not anymore, [but] I was because I was insecure - I never believed I was good enough.

“I was really short and heavy as a kid. I always still see that. With age and growing up, I always had that little demon in my head that I was still that little fat kid," he added.

Kris revealed he split with Dannii because of his 'fat kid' insecurities. Photo: Getty Images
Kris dated Maddy King for two years. Photo: Getty Images

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