Kristen Bell can’t keep a straight face in hilarious blooper reel

Amy Stevenson

Earlier this year the world was blessed with the comic genius of Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell in The Boss.

And it seems the ladies had just as much fun making the film as we did watching it, with a new blooper reel revealing Kristen’s inability to keep a straight face during filming.

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In the clip, Kristen was seen breaking into fits of laughter as Melissa tried to get through the scene.

As Melissa tells of the time she ate a Dorito, the Veronica Mars actress bursts into laughter at the story.

It would seem it all got too much for Kristen, who at one point says “I’m gonna pee my pants,” as she tries – and fails – to get through one particular scene.

The blooper reel features Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage who battles it out with Melissa in a sword-fighting scene.

Hitting the boom mic as he shows off his skills, Peter then suffers an injury when the prop hits his leg, while an amused Melissa watches on with her own weapon.

Kathy Bates also makes an appearance in the reel, saying “Meryl Streep just would have kept going” after forgetting a line.

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