Kyle Sandilands involved in car crash controversy

Jennifer Fletcher
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Kyle Sandilands has been involved in a car crash with a Sydney man after his Audi sedan collided with the man’s Mazda utility truck.

Steve Taylor told the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential that he slowed his Mazda utility down in Prince Albert Road behind St Mary’s Cathedral when a car driven by Sandilands apparently overtook him on the left at speed as he turned.

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Kyle Sandilands. Photo: Getty

It was then the cars crashed into each other.

"I was turning left and a car cut up the inside and hit me on the front," Taylor said, admitting the driver’s identity took him by surprise.

"I said I had my left one on — it’s still on — you can see it — and he said 'Well I’ve got a dashcam and can prove it'."

Taylor said Sandilands had been reluctant about exchanging details, though eventually did: “He was in a hurry and took off."

Sandilands’ manager Andrew Hawkins confirmed the collision and denied an eyewitness claim his client had been on his phone when the collision occurred.

:It was a small fender bender, no one was injured, no traffic infringements were made,” he said.

"We trust the insurance companies for the respective parties will sort the rest."

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