'We're curious beings': Kylie Minogue's thoughts on swinging

Olivia Morris

Kylie Minogue has gone back to her acting roots in the upcoming Aussie flick Swinging Safari.

Now, the Australian singer and the rest of her cast mates including Asher Keddie and Guy Pearce have shared their thoughts on swinging.

For context, the film takes place in the 1970s and the mums and dads of the cul-de-sac dabble in a dalliance of swinging but it all goes spectacularly wrong.

Kylie Minogue has revealed her thoughts on swinging. She is pictured looking stunning at the premiere of Swinging Safari. Source: Getty
Kylie with her co-stars Guy Pearce and Asher Keddie. Source: Getty

Be chatted exclusively to the cast about the film and we asked them if swinging was ever something they think about.

The question slightly shocked the female stars Asher and Radha Mitchell, with Kylie trying to contain her giggles.

The 49-year-old then went on to answer the question which prompted Asher to ask, "Are you going to answer this?"

"I'm going to broaden [it]," Kylie coyly said. "We're curious, people are curious beings."

Radha Mitchell (here at the premiere) wasn't too keen to share her thoughts on swinging. Source: Getty

Asher and Radha, however, weren't too keen to speak on the subject.

On the other hand, the male stars Guy, Julian McMahon and Jeremy Sims were all for it.

Julian McMahon (here looking suave at the Swinging Safari premiere) was totally down to share his thoughts on swinging. Source: Getty

"Who hasn't done it?" Julian told Be.

"I never stop thinking about it," Jeremy said. "I'm thinking about it right now."

Former Neighbours star Guy revealed the funny thing in the movie is the characters "get it wrong".

"As Aussies we like to fail at things sometimes," he added.

The full cast are pictured here at the premiere of Swinging Safari. Source: Getty

Julian also revealed to Be a little birdie told him swinging is a big trend in Sydney right now.

We're not sure about that but we'll take your word for it, Julian.

Swinging Safari is out in cinemas on January 18.

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