Princess Diana’s friend haunted by guilt over her death

Kristine Tarbert

As the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death approaches, a close friend has spoken out about how she is still haunted by what happened.

Fashion designer Lana Marks has revealed it was because she pulled out of a planned holiday with the Princess of Wales that Diana ended up in Paris.

It was there Princess Diana, then 36, was killed in a car crash on August 31, 1997.

Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Photo: Getty

“It was a terrible time,” Lana, 63, tells The Sun.

Lana and Diana had organised to go on a four-day holiday to Milan, but when Lana’s father died of heart failure, she flew to her native South Africa instead.

Fashion designer Lana Marks was supposed to go on a trip with Princess Diana. Photo: Getty

She contacted Diana last minute and told her she wouldn’t be able to make the trip.

So instead Diana, who had been on holiday in St Tropez with Dodi Fayed, decided to go to Paris next.

Diana had been holidaying in St Tropez with Dodi Fayed. Photo: Getty

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“I was supposed to be on vacation with Diana in Milan right then. We were going to go to Lake Como before flying back,” Lana says.

Instead of Milan Princess Diana went to Paris. Photo: Getty

The pair first met in 1995 after Lana was asked to design a handbag for Diana. She only found out about what happened when her and her husband returned home to Florida.

“I constantly think, ‘What if she’d been with me?’ All that might not have happened.”

Lana met Princess Diana when she designed a handbag for her (pictured). Photo: Getty

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