Laurina Fleure is planning to have a breast reduction!

Jennifer Fletcher

Laurina Fleure opens up on the perils of having big boobs…

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star Laurina says her C cups are “too big” and that having a fuller chest is “no longer fashionable”.

“I went up from a B cup to a C cup and they are a little bit too big and aren’t as natural looking as I would like,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“I am considering going back down to a B cup. Boobs are out of fashion right now.”

Laurina is fed up of her size Cs. Source: Getty

It’s not the first time Laurina has opened up about having work done, as the model admits she’s not adverse to Botox, a few “cheeky nip and tucks”, lipo and laser.

“The thing about plastic surgery is that it enhances your looks. So if you look good and feel great, it’s going to amplify that,” she says.

“It’s taken me a lot of years to separate my self-worth from my looks but I’m at my most confident now. There’s nothing wrong with fixing that thing but it might not make you any happier about the way you look.

“When you see these women with these enhanced faces, it’s actually a modern look.”

Laurina reveals she's had a few 'nip and tucks'. Source: Getty

The former Bachelor star also opened up about how insecure she felt about her ears growing up.

“I had my ears pinned back when I was 19 because they used to stick out. When I was about six years old, my mum used to stand behind me in the mirror and hold her hands over my ears,” she added.

“It went on for years and one day I said ‘Why do you do that?’ and she said ‘I just want to see what you would look like without those big ears.’

“I walked around for the next 15 years with my head on a tilt, trying to disguise that I had these big ears. She probably never meant to hurt me, but we don’t realise how impressionable and vulnerable we are while we’re developing.”

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