Woman bravely ditches razor to embrace hair growth

Allison Yee

For most of us, stripping ourselves of every strand of body hair can be a full-time grooming fixation and frustration.

However for Leah Jorgensen, who has suffered from excess hair due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), her hair growth has seen her endure a lifetime of being stared at, bullied and feeling embarrassed.

But not anymore, with the brave 33-year-old deciding to ditch the razor and stop shaving the hair that’s covered her whole body, including her face, chest, legs and stomach.

Leah's struggled with her excess hair since she was just a teen. Photo: Instagram/happyandhairy

“This is for the teenage girl who feels terrified because of the hair spreading all over her body,” Leah posted on Instagram.

“[This is] for the woman who has never seen another woman who looks like her. For anyone hairy, whether they are hirsute or not, who feels alone. You are not alone!”

After shaving for most of her life, Leah gave up last year and has embraced her body. Photo: Instagram/happyandhairy

The Winsconsin local has suffered from PCOS since she was young, with her condition resulting in male-pattern hair growth.

After being labelled a ‘man’ by bullies and hiding her body with clothing for years, Leah was so self-conscious about her appearance she would shave every bit of her body that was exposed.

Leah happily shares snaps of her hair now, including this shot of her cleavage. Photo: Instagram/happyandhairy

It was only in 2015 when Leah was involved in a car accident, and had her clothing cut off by paramedics – who saw the full extent of her hair – that she realised people weren’t phased by her appearance.

A year ago, Leah decided to stop shaving her body – and she hasn’t looked back since.

After hiding her body under clothing for years, Leah wears whatever she wants, including a bikini during a recent holiday. Photo: Instagram/happyandhairy

Even donning a bikini last year and hitting the beach in Mexico, Leah still shaves her face but admits she has been tempted to stop.

“This weekend I went a three day stretch without shaving my face,” she posted last November.

Leah posted this snap of her with three-day growth, revealing she's thought about growing a beard. Photo: Instagram/happyandhairy

“This was the longest non-shave stretch I’ve gone while still being out in public all three days.

“I like what I see. It’s interesting to me how different my face looks, and that is one of the reasons I’m hesitant about growing a beard, because I honestly like my face! But I’m beginning to like this face too. So... here it is! My natural face. no makeup, no filter, and the flash is on. This is me.”

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