Lemon tart

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Flan paste
540g plain flour
180g sugar
270g butter
3 eggs
Pinch of salt

Lemon tart mix
300g cream
300g sugar
10 eggs
325g lemon juice
Zest of 2 lemons


Flan paste
Mix together the flour, salt, sugar and butter till it resembles bread crumbs.

Add the eggs and mix till a paste is formed, work on the table into even blocks. Refrigerate. Once cool roll out on a floured surface and line tart rings.

Chill down and blind bake at 160 degrees, half fan half power till golden. Once cool, trim the tart and egg wash.

Lemon tart mix
Mix together the eggs and sugar, add the cream, then the zest and the juice. Leave overnight in the fridge.

Stir the mix and pass into a bowl, heat up over a bain marie. Pour into pre-lined tarts and bake at 100 degrees, half fan, half power. Bake until just set, cool at room temperature.