Lena Dunham and ‘Girls’ cast Spoof ‘The Golden Girls’

Abi Moustafa

As Girls comes to an end, being it’s final season and all, Lena Dunham has used her genius creative skills one last time and it’s just as epic as one would expect.

That’s right, to celebrate her hit show’s final season, she’s written a hilarious script including her fellow Girls cast members as they spoof the original Golden Girls characters.

How good do the girls look? Photo: Jimmy Fallon Live.

In it we witness everything from highly inappropriate but equally as entertaining dialogue between the sarcastic and melodramatic characters.

Were told it’s Marnie’s 63rd birthday, but apparently she’s actually 77 and has been divorced 8 times according to Jessa who is still keeping it real in her old age.

Viewers get a slight shock to their system when Marnie mentions she’s had “Pit sex” which is a term that is pretty self explanatory based on their actions.

Marnie explaining she's just experienced

“It’s a burgeoning trend here in senior living – I just wrote a piece on it for The Days End Senior Living. My expose on herpes was literally fiery,” says Hannah.

Of course true to the mid-80s’ sitcom’s traditions – the crowds laughter is always on cue.

Something tells us the original Golden Girls would've loved his spoof! Photo: Getty Images.

“It is not my fault, he told me it was bedsores… And who was I to object?” Marnie mouths off when being judged by the other girls for contracting herpes.

If that didn’t crack you up – perhaps Elijah’s (played by Andrew Rannells) youthful appearance might! He claims he kept his youthful skin by use “Olay skincare” and “boxed wine.”

Hannah's lovable bestie was still looking sharp at age 80. Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live.

FYI Jimmy Fallon Stars as the stripper – also cast as Hannah’s son to make things even more awkward.

Of course this wasn’t a massive surprise for Girls fans as Lena took to Instagram 2 weeks ago to hint at a possible remake of The Golden Girls by posting a snap of the young actors dressed as the 80s iconic characters.

This is too much, two of our favourite groups of girls in one! Photo: Instagram/LenaDunham.

Ps just in case you thought you'd getaway with an episode without Lena in her birthday suit, you thought wrong.

It seems nothing has changed around here... Lena is still getting her kit off! Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Memet and co's hilarious antics below!

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