Leslie Mann 'forgot' she was married during flirty interview

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Actress Leslie Mann and her How To Be Single co-star Dakota Fanning raised a few eyebrows last week after a clip of the pair hitting on a "hot guy" reporter went viral.

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During the heated exchange the women told the reporter he looked like he had "really big muscles" before asking him to take off his shirt.

The 43-year-old actress, who is married to director Judd Apatow, has now explained her thought-process behind the bizarre, albeit hilarious interview.

Leslie giggles when she's shown the interview. Source: YouTube

"I was sitting with Dakota all day and she's 26 years old and she's single and beautiful, and I kinda start thinking that I'm like her," Mann told Late Night host Seth Meyers.

"Everyone kept asking, 'what's it like to be single?' and I'm like 'well, I'm married' and then I forget.

'Judd wanted a foursome'. Source: YouTube

"Then I get caught up in the whole thing and the next thing I know I'm asking this guy to take off his shirt," she said.

Not that her husband seemed to mind. He ended up tweeting the reporter and asking for a "foursome". LOVE IT!

Don't worry, Leslie. That wasn't the first time a celebrity interview has rapidly declined into utter chaos.

Remember the time Jennifer Lawrence almost made an unsuspecting reporter cry during a cruel (but hilarious) prank?

Or when a Melbourne radio duo experienced the wrath of Amy Schumer after they called her 'skanky'?

How about when the cast of Fantastic Four endured the most awkward round of questions ever?

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