Liam Hemsworth's even hotter when he's saving the world

Frances Kindon

Is there a movie Liam Hemsworth's ever done that he doesn't look like a god in? Nope, didn't think so.

Not to objectify the poor bloke, because he's an awesome actor too, but in this exclusive clip from Independence Day Resurgence, well...

Set 20 years after mysterious aliens nearly wiped out humankind, the invaders are back with a vengeance in the sequel to Independence Day.

Liam plays a disgraced pilot. Source: 20th Century Fox

Jeff Goldblum returns as brilliant scientist David Levinson, while Liam plays US pilot Jake Morrison.

"[Jake's] parents were killed in the first attack," Liam told SlashFilm of his role.

"So he grew up in an orphanage, joined the military, became a fighter pilot and ended up in the best of the best fighter pilots and makes a bad decision and ends up being demoted to the moon where he drives what is essentially the same as a forklift."

So perhaps saving the earth could be just the kind of win he needs!

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