Libby Trickett's love of chocolate

Victoria Jones

How did you get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight?

I am an ambassador for the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade campaign. One year ago I visited Ghana and witnessed firsthand the difference Fairtrade Certification can make.

This Fairtrade Fortnight (May 7 – 22) I want to share my story and help improve awareness of Fairtrade and what Australians can do to ensure they are making purchases that make a significant difference to tackling poverty and empowering developing country cocoa farmers

Why is it so important to buy Fairtrade?

Fairtrade helps developing country farmers and producers to tackle poverty and empowers them to improve their position and have more control over their lives and the future of their families. By purchasing Fairtrade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate you are directly benefiting Fairtrade cocoa growers in Ghana.

Since the global launch of the Fairtrade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate range in 2010, the lives of 45,000 cocoa farmers and their families in Ghana have been transformed, and over AUD$3 million globally in Fairtrade Premiums have been invested into cocoa growing communities, resulting in improved access to fresh water, health care and education.

What advice would you give people who don’t buy Fairtrade but want to make the switch?

Simple choices such as purchasing Fairtrade Certified chocolate, tea and coffee helps ensure farmers get fair and stable prices for their produce as well as additional funds to invest in everyday items for their communities.

It’s so easy to make the swap so I urge all Aussies to show off their swap this Fair Trade Fortnight and help create more opportunities for cocoa farmers to build a better future for their families and communities.

Do you buy fair-trade products? Which are your faves?

Fairtrade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk of course!

Are you a chocolate addict?

I don't know about an addict... I absolutely LOVE chocolate, it's one of my little indulgences and I enjoy all different types!! I probably have some everyday... so does that make me an addict?

When do you indulge?

I usually have a little bit everyday. It's something sweet for me to have after dinner and I really enjoy it.

As an athlete do you have to watch what you eat?

It's really important for me as an athlete to eat a healthy and well balanced diet. I've never been on a formal diet but working with nutritionists and personal trainers I've come up with a healthy eating plan for me to make sure my body is recovering from all the training that I do. I've always believed in everything in moderation and as I've gotten older I keep getting better.

What’s your favourite recipe to make?

Coconut Chocolate Balls - great to take to friend's places as a sweet nibble.

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