Lifeguard stuns with another incredible wave pool rescue

Sarah Carty

A lifeguard has been praised for her quick response after rescuing a drowning child within seconds of her getting into trouble.

Lifeguard Rescue posted a video to YouTube of the terrifying moment the young girl struggles to keep her head above the water.

It then shows the lifeguard spring into action and jump headfirst into the water, before frantically swimming over to help out the child in need.

Could you spot the drowning child in this picture? Photo: YouTube/Lifeguard Rescue
The quick-thinking lifeguard sprung into action. Photo: Lifeguard Rescue

The video, which has been viewed over 2,000 times since it was uploaded last week, shows a wave pool scattered with children, most of them on inflatable rings.

However, the girl who got into trouble is shown in the footage panicking when her inflatable floats away from her, leaving her to battle the waves alone

Luckily for her, the lifeguard on the opposite side of the pool noticed she was in distress and came to her help.

It took the lifeguard just second to reach the child. Photo: Lifeguard Rescue
Thankfully, the child was rescued in time. Photo: Lifeguard Rescue

“Damn to have one of those jobs you need hawk eyes,” one person commented on the video.

“Quite literally doing god's work, keep it up ,” another person said.

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