Would you notice a drowning child in this pool?

Sarah Carty

A video has re-emerged online showing the incredible moment a drowning child is saved from a wave pool.

The shocking footage, which was posted to YouTube by Lifeguard Rescue shows the wave machine being turned on and mayhem ensuing.

Originally posted in 2015, the video has been viewed over 18,000,000 times, with the short clip showing the moment the lifeguard jumps into the water to save the boy.

It took the lifeguard just 10 seconds to notice that the boy had actually flipped out of his floating device and into the water.

Would you be able to spot the drowning child in this video? Photo: YouTube

The boy can be seen in the video going into a state of panic, throwing his hands up in the air.

Within seconds, the lifeguard has reached the boy and pulled him to safety.

It’s not clear where the boy’s parents were but they can’t be seen in the video.

People took to the comment section to commend the lifeguard for her quick response time.

“She is amazing! The fact that she noticed the boy in trouble so quickly, is what saved his life. Things can go wrong in an instant.,” one person said.

“I rewatched the video many times and it does look like the boy simply does not know how to swim... 10/10 to the lifequard,” another person said.

“Lifeguard saved a life and kept her hat on the whole time, like a boss!,” a person commented.

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