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I am definitely a summer person. As much as I love a cosy winter’s night on the sofa, I’m really just filling in time until the warm weather and the long days return. And January is my favourite summer month – the craziness of Christmas is behind me and from the moment the lazy, laidback mood of Boxing Day sets in, I’m well and truly in a January state of mind.

January has the sparkling mornings and eat-outdoors evenings that create the true sense of relaxation I’ve associated with holidays throughout my life. I search out secret places to read my Christmas books and summer mags ¬– escaping to the cooling green of the garden where the chorus of cicadas creates a cocoon where I can disappear. This desire, held by all of us, led the team to create our outdoor feature ‘Back To Nature’ – I want to sit in every space in that feature!

January is also a month of inspiration. Having some extra time away from work, and with the long days and the buzz of Christmas still with me, I find the head space to do some refreshing at home. I’m rearranging, decluttering and restyling at
a nice, relaxed pace. I don’t think I’m alone in that I’m also usually pretty short of funds in January, so the ‘No-money Makeover’ is particularly welcome this issue!

Speaking of inspiration, I am in love with our stunning ‘Castaway’ decorating feature. Our style editor, Stephanie, continually inspires me to completely redesign my home, but with this coastal-style feature she has taken my breath away. I love, love, love every page of this beautiful story. I’m going to start squirrelling away some secret funds to re-create this in my home; to make a private place to cast away…


What's in this issue!

58 pages of stunning summer homes

The January Issue of Home Beautiful magazine is the ‘holiday at home’ special with over 58 pages of stunning homes to get inspired by. Holiday style, new rustic, earthy elegance, family focus and modern mix – we have all styles covered!
Also in this issue…


Fall in love with ocean blues, natural textures and simple elegance with brilliant decorating ideas. Escape to a blissful haven of holiday style, simply by coming home.

Style Souvenirs

Steal the looks from the world’s best hotel! We check in to some of the world’s most beautiful hotels for decorating inspiration.
No-money makeover. Give your home maximum style for minimum outlay with our simple, savvy tips.

Fresh Start

Detox from December’s decadences with delicious and nutritious recipes from Home Beautiful’s resident chef Pete Evans.

All this and more in the January Issue of Home Beautiful magazine for only $7.50.

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