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A dash of adventure plus a splash of great outdoors, add some family time and you’ve got a recipe for holiday fun - a camping experience that will resonate with you for years to come!

Camping is all about enjoying the nature, breathing the fresh air and getting out of the norm and away from the bustle of regular life and what better way to enjoy the great outdoors as we come into Summer but to do just that!

Why not enjoy camping stories, while holding a warm cup of chocolate making your hands and stomach feel toasty? How about bushwalking or fishing? The choices are endless when you go camping!

The secret ingredient for a successful camping trip is planning! It is important to research the area in which you wish to go camping and try to plan ahead. Knowing the area will allow you to prepare for the conditions you are likely to come across.

Consider the current weather conditions. Some coastal areas can be windier than inland areas, so the need for extra guy ropes, pegs, possible windbreaks etc. should be considered. Research into what temperatures can be expected at night will determine what rating sleeping bag you will need. has compiled some camping tips that may come handy when you prepare for your first trip.

Before you go:

• A check list compiled several weeks prior to your camping trip can save a lot of stress. Tentworld provides a detailed Camping checklist on their website but remember everyone's needs are different but make sure you pack the essentials!

• Don't like to be cold? Making sure that you pack plenty of warm clothing for you and the kids and packing a good quality sleeping bag is very important. Whether you are going to be camping in average winter temperatures or in the mountains surrounded by snow, make sure you choose one that is roomy enough for extra clothing.

• Pack the appropriate camping gears and know how to use them before you go. Again, it will make a big difference if you are prepared ahead of time.

• Make sure you pack enough food and drink with a few extras including other essentials such as a lighter or a box of matches for the campfire.

During your stay

To ensure a comfortable stay during your camping holiday, it is essential to follow some easy and simple rules when setting up camp.

• When setting up your tent, avoid suspended branches that are likely to dislodge on a windy night.

• Set up camp away from sharp objects that are likely to damage the floor of the tent.

• Make sure that you are not setting up your tent in a natural waterway, not necessarily a river bed, but anywhere water could channel during heavy rains.

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