Inside Trump's 58-bedder Mar-a-Lago mansion

President Donald Trump is about to spend his third consecutive weekend retreating to his much-talked about Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida – and after having a peek inside, it’s not difficult to see why!

The sprawling mansion – which is now also affectionately known as Trump’s “winter White House” – is worth an estimated AU$380 million and comes complete 58 bedrooms and a casual 33 bathrooms.

The estate has 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms! Photo: Getty

Modelled after the luxurious palaces of France, Spain and Italy, the beach-side resort is decked out in only the finest of details.

Many of the door handles in the Trump family’s private area are gold and crystal encrusted, while the main ballroom is covered, floor-to-ceiling, in AU$8 million worth of gold leaf.

And the outdoor space is just as impressive. The property’s 20 acres of perfectly manicured lawns include a pool with ocean-views, a putt golf course, croquet court and no less than six tennis courts.

It played host to the President's son Donald Trump Jr's wedding in 2005. Photo: Getty

The Mar-a-Lago was originally built in 1927 and sold to Trump almost six decades later for a cool AU$10 million in 1985. And that’s not including the $4 million a year needed in maintenance and upkeep!

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The businessman-turned-reality star-turned-President has since built on its original grandeur, adding the 20,000 square foot ballroom along with other smaller details, such as a marble and jewel-encrusted table, and four gold-plated sinks worth $130,000.

In 1995, Trump opened the estate up as a ritzy “members-only” resort club, keeping just one wing private for his family’s use.

Last year membership came with an eye-popping price tag of $130,000, but that figure has doubled since Trump moved into the Oval Office. Not to mention the $17,000 fee that members have to fork out each year. Yikes!

This photo was taken in the mansion's living room in 1967. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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