The most shocking unruly plane passengers

This week's dramatic deplaning of a doctor from a United Airlines flight in the US has divided the internet.

It seemed half of those who watched the video of 69-year-old grandfather David Dao being manhandled off the plane saw him as the innocent victim of police brutality, while the other half decided he was an irresponsible, unruly menace who should have expected the treatment he received.

David Dao being dragged off the United flight. Source: Twitter

Complicating the discussion are the revelations today that Mr Dao was barred from practicing in Louisville, KY in 2003 after he was convicted of giving a patient drugs and money in exchange for sex. Counselling sessions indicated he had "a pattern of deception" and "lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations".

But he wasn't the first person in commercial air travel to be forcibly deplaned. Source: YouTube

But whatever Dao's situation, he wasn't the first, and nor will he be the last, passenger to get kicked off a flight.

It's surprisingly common for passengers to get into argy-bargy with airline staff and police. Source: YouTube

As these videos show, aeroplane travel has a way of bringing out the worst in people...

Pro tip: if you're asked to disembark for ANY reason, just do what you're told. Source: YouTube

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