WATCH: Cows dance in field after 5 months captivity

You know that spring-in-your-step feeling you get when you leave the office after hours spent hunched over your desk?

WATCH: Cows dance in field after 5 months captivity

WATCH: Cows dance in field after 5 months captivity

Well this adorable video is basically the animal equivalent, with these cows locked in stables in Friesland, the Netherlands, for five months before their spring time release.

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Although the winter lockdown is for their own benefit as it protects them from harsh temperatures, these poor cooped up cows clearly miss the sunlight and fresh air.

Months spent cooped up mean these cows are left hankering for some fresh air. Photo: Storyful

Shrugging off their usual cool, calm cow demeanor, the excited animals are seen bounding out of their stables and kicking up their heels, much to the amusement of watching crowds.

The cows can barely contain their joy, kicking up their heels and bounding through the grass. Photo: Storyful

According to website Stuff Dutch People Like, the yearly event sees farms picking a Saturday in April and announcing it to the public so everyone can come and watch.

Cute, huh.

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