Identical twins' hilarious face swap

We’ve all had a bit of a giggle swapping looks with the person next to you using a face swap app.

Hilarious twins' face swap

Hilarious twins' face swap

But what if the person you’re switching with has exactly the same face?

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It turns out the result is just as amusing, if not more, if you’ve got the huge, infectious belly laugh as these two twins.

Turns out even people with the same faces get a kick out of face swapping apps. Photo: Little Things

In a clip that’s currently going viral, Florida local Brittany Walton introduces her identical twin dad and uncle to the app - with much hilarity ensuing.

“Are we doing it? Yeah, we’re doing it. I can’t tell!” the twins say in between giggles.

“It looks the same,” Brittany chimes in from the background.

With both of the twins sharing the same hairstyle, it's understandable why they couldn't really see any difference.

The pair are even wearing basically the same outfit, with the only difference between their polo-over-white-shirt combo the shade of blue they're wearing.

In between belly laughs, the twins can be seen mucking around with their new faces. Photo: Little Things

The twins – who might just have the most infectious laugh ever - completely lose it, alternating between chortling away and making weird faces to test out the app.

“That's why I'm laughing," says one twin. "We look so much the same – but different."

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