7-year-old pens hilarious note from his ‘school’

Look, as kids we remember trying desperately to make up excuses to stay up past bedtime, but this 7-year-old boy takes the cake!

7-year-old pens hilarious note from his ‘school’

7-year-old pens hilarious note from his ‘school’

Young Nathan gave his parents a note that was allegedly from his "school", in an bid to get permission to stay up all night playing video games.

Most kids pretend they've had a nightmare, but this kid went the full distance. Photo: Getty Images.

Believable right? Well, thanks to Reddit user EclecticBlue, a photo has been shared of the hand-written note.

What is this wizardry?! Photo: Reddit.

While the image is a little poor in quality, we’ve gone the extra mile and written it out for you.

The note reads:

Dear parents. Nathan has been doing good in all his except for video game class! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!!
Start letting him stay up all night, and start tonight! He can play anything, computers, Wii, iPod, iPad, phone and any other electronic [sic]. From, The school.

Now, we’re not sure if Nathan is fibbing, but we’re going to guess ‘the school’, or more appropriately any of the teachers at school might have chosen to sign off with their name. Plus, surely they’d have their pen licence?

Regardless, it gave us a giggle.

Good try, kiddo!

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