The real reason Kate won't be Pippa's maid of honour

Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding has generated lots of buzz, from its strict dress code to its rumored $3.8 million price tag and ever-changing guest list. But one key detail remains unknown: Will Kate Middleton be in the wedding party?

The real reason Kate won't be Pippa's maid of honour

The real reason Kate won't be Pippa's maid of honour

After all, Pippa was very publicly catapulted to fame after she was in Kate's bridal party at her 2011 wedding.

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The answer is, probably not. According to a story published Friday by the UK’s Mirror, etiquette dictates that a married woman with children can’t serve as maid of honour or even as a bridesmaid, roles traditionally reserved for single, eligible ladies (cue the bouquet toss, a tradition in which the bridesmaids line up to catch the flowers, with the winner dubbed the next bride).

Despite being close, Kate won't be walking down the aisle with Pippa at her wedding next week. Photo: Getty

Kate, 34, could serve as matron of honour — son Prince George, 3, will be a pageboy and daughter Princess Charlotte, 2, will be a flower girl. However, that’s just as doubtful.

“Kate would upstage her sister,” royal expert Judy Wade told People last year. “It’s a tricky situation for Pippa. She would want her sister by her side, as who else would she trust to make things go well?

Pippa played a very public role during Kate's 2011 wedding to Prince William. Photo: Getty

“But if your sister is a future queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention. Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible.”

That makes sense. During Kate’s 2011 wedding to Prince William, the world was introduced to Pippa by way of her backside — her form-fitting white Alexander McQueen couture gown hugged her curves so perfectly, it catapulted the younger Middleton to social media fame.

Pippa shot to global fame thanks to her incredible bridesmaid dress. Photo: Getty

And finally, with news of Queen Elizabeth’s 95-year-old husband, Prince Philip, retiring from his royal duties in the fall, Kate and William will be busier than ever subbing in for his royal responsibilities.

However, there will be no loss of love between the sisters. In July, Kate told reporters that she “couldn’t be happier” about Pippa’s May 20 nuptials with fiancé James Matthews, and in February Kate attended Pippa’s bachelorette party at a French ski resort.

The countdown is on until Pippa's wedding to James in just a few days. Photo: Getty

The only remaining mystery: What will the Duchess wear to the wedding?

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