Mums fired up over baby formula syndicates

It was only a few years ago a surge in bulk-buying baby formula saw a dire shortage that forced supermarket chains to impose a four-tin per customer policy.

Mums fired up over baby formula syndicates

Mums fired up over baby formula syndicates

And the problem appears to have reared up again following reports there are buying syndicates snapping up dozens of tins of formula.

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Astonished mum-of-two Belinda (not her real name) has spoken out after witnessing hordes of customers at a Sydney supermarket sneaking extra tins out through the self-service checkout.

“Not to exaggerate but there would have been easily 20 individuals purely buying formula that night - in that one hour. Seriously they were everywhere - no wonder staff can’t keep up!” she told Kidspot.

One Sydney mum has spoken out about formula buying syndicates raiding her local supermarket. Photo: Getty

“Even the security guard was saying it’s a daily occurrence that they have to escort people out and strip formula at registers when they refuse.”

The situation was so bad, Belinda was forced to buy a different brand to what her child normally has as it was completely sold out.

“I see so many messages on Facebook of mums desperately searching for their formula brand when their child will not take anything else," said Belinda.

"They often share, reach out and tell other mums when they find some brands but really when is this going to stop?”

Sources at the supermarket say it's an ongoing problem and they often withhold stock. Photo: Getty

It’s believed that the buying syndicates are bulk purchasing formula to onsell in China.

Following reports of counterfeit products flooding the market, Chinese consumers now look to Australian products for better quality.

According to Business Insider Australia, it’s seen Chinese students make up to $3000 a week selling health products and baby formula to people in China.

The shortage has seen some mums band together on Facebook to find their brand their children like. Photo: Getty

It’s an issue that is now impacting Aussie consumers, with Belinda speaking to a member of staff at her local supermarket, who said they are aware of the problem.

“She said they are just struggling to manage the situation, she quite often gets verbally abused and has to get security - she said they are waiting when she arrives to open the store at 6am,” Belinda told Kidspot.

“She has caught the same people who come every morning, changing clothes and coming back in for more at 8am after being stripped of formula. They even hold stock so that they can try and release it gradually to keep stocks up for mothers.”

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