British housewife grows a beard and moustache for Movember

British housewife Siobhain Fletcher is supporting Movember in a way that most women can't: by growing facial hair.

While many women begrudge the daily, weekly or monthly removal of hair, most would never have dealt with it on the scale that Siobhain Fletcher has since she was a teenager.

She has suffered hirsutism for years - a by-product of her diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome - a condition that can cause hirsutism, as well as irregular periods, weight gain and difficulties conceiving.

Despite suffering depression, cruel taunts and being mistaken as a man, Siobhain stopped her daily shaving routine (she can't wax and can't afford laser hair removal) to raise money for prostate cancer.

Despite the fact her sister initially offered her money NOT to go ahead with growing her facial hair, she's now raised over $1,000.

She told British show This Morning, 'It was a spur of the moment thing. My friend came to me and said he was growing a moustache and told me about Movember. I said – "I’ll do it with you."

'This isn't a sideshow. It's to raise awareness of men's cancers. To stop families losing a family member. And to help people with self-esteem issues to say, "it doesn't matter", said Siobhain.

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