A New York fitness trainer has taken a new approach to 50 Shades of Grey

Seductive squats? Lusty lunges? Passion push-up? These are just a few of the sultry body-sculpting moves New York-based fitness trainer Kristen James has created as part of her latest workout video, 50 Shapes of Grey.

The risqué-sounding routine, comprising of 13 full-body movements, was inspired by the erotic international best-selling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The workout, James says, is designed to enable women to feel sexy and more confident in the bedroom by using such moves such as Bend Over Better, Risqué Rotations and Corkscrews to increase flexibility, strengthen the core and lengthen limbs. The most amount of equipment required for the shape-up workout is a simple mat and a chair.

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James reportedly discovered the idea for the sexy routine after noticing how many of her clients and personal friends were inspired by Anastasia Steele, the book’s sultry female protagonist’s overt sexiness. And the naughty-sounding names? These were also inspired by the book, designed to play off each of the entwining (and adventurous) positions between Steele and her male lover, Christian Grey, James says.

A spokesperson for James told the Daily Mail: “There’s no doubt that traditional exercise will help to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, but Kristen has always preached to her clients, 'you've got to train for your life'. Sex should be right on the top of your list!”.

To download Kristen James’ 50 Shapes of Grey workout, visit Kristen James Fitness or watch a preview below.

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