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Aussies will go to strange and surprising measures to alleviate the gut-wrenching, head-pounding feeling following a night on the booze, including downing a Vegemite milkshake, cabbage juice or fermented milk drink, a survey by febfast found.

Popping painkillers, vitamin B supplements, rehydrating with water or electrolyte-rich sports drinks are also popular tricks we’ll try in a bid to feel human again. However of the 1000 participants surveyed, the majority revealed that the number-one way to settle a queasy next-day stomach is: a good old-fashioned fried breakfast.

The results were almost unanimous between the sexes too, with 26 per cent of male and 25 per cent of female participants voting for a greasy fry-up as their ultimate hangover cure.

And men are more inclined to opt for more alcohol to settle the hangover jitters, with five per cent admitting to being favour of the hair-of-the-dog method, compared to just one per cent of women.

An earlier survey by febfast found alcohol is a mood-killer in the bedroom, with 74 per cent of women and 68 per cent of men preferring sober sex.

The results were released ahead of febfast’s annual alcohol-free campaign, encouraging Australians to give up booze for 28 days to raise funds for those tackling serious alcohol problems. Since its inception in 2007 febfast has raised over $4.5 million for more than 40 youth alcohol and drug related support programs.

Febfast ambassador Dr. Ginni Mansberg said taking part in the month-long booze ban offers numerous health and financial benefits. "Last year 31 per cent of participants improved their diet, 33 per cent exercised more, just under half lost weight, 58 per cent slept better and 73 per cent saved money," says Dr. Mansberg.

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