Men paying to look good on Facebook

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Men paying to look popular on social media

Men paying to look good on facebook

Men paying to look good on facebook

With much of our social interaction occurring online, it makes sense that the dating games of old play themselves out in the digital space as well. Now you can build your very own virtual version of the girlfriend you never had.

Cue Cloud Girlfriend, a site that describes itself as 'The Social Network Girlfriend'. For $5 a week, single guys can create a Facebook profile of their ideal mate in order to give the impression that they're in a long-term relationship.

It's the online version of making an entry to a party with a hot, young blonde on your arm.

This 'fake date' will post messages on the user's wall to give the impression that they're popular, desirable and have social kudos.

So how does it work?

The first of four steps to creating your virtual mate is to describe your 'perfect girlfriend' and then let Cloud Girlfriend do the rest. The site promises its users they can then interact with their 'new' girlfriend 'publicly on your favourite social network'.

And what does the $5 fee give you? A member of the site who spoke with BBC journalist David Lee about the service explained that fee covers a status change to being 'in a relationship', some comments on the user's wall and various 'likes' too.

She said that the site was mostly used by men trying to make someone else jealous, or "look like they've got girls all over them".

"It's just easy to do... I just tick 'in a relationship'." she said

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