Chris Hemsworth's shirtless workout video

Chris Hemsworth works hard for the money. Real hard. In fact, he's proven just how hard he works out by posting an Instagram video of his latest training session.

Dresses in just shorts and sneakers, Chris is put through his paces by celebrity trainer Luke Zocchi.

Werk it, Chris. Source: Instagram

There's a spot of stationary cycling, some quick pull-ups, a terrifyingly heavy-looking weightlifting session and an outdoor training segment featuring ropes, a harness, and a medicine ball.

Chris trains with Luke Zocchi. Source: Instagram

Heavy lifting. Source: Instagram

While it's obvious he's pushing himself insanely hard, it's just as clear that regular appointments with Luke are keeping Chris's perfectly honed Thor physique on point.

Show us what you're made of. Source: Instagram

And for that, we should all be thankful.

That harness though... Source: Instagram

Not only is Chris sustaining the entire Thor franchise, he's also singlehandedly responsible for keeping the thirsty among us happy.

Chin up, mate. Source: Instagram

Chris, we salute you and your frighteningly hardcore workout regimen.

Rope-a-dope. Source: Instagram

Chris, you're a gem. Source: Getty

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