Obese woman compared to a 'charging rhino' loses 45kg

An obese woman was shamed into shedding 45kg after a stranger compared her to a charging rhino.

Obese woman compared to a 'charging rhino' loses 45kg

Obese woman compared to a 'charging rhino' loses 45kg

Eva Warne weighed a whopping 18st 4lbs after her addiction to Chinese takeaways left her piling on the pounds.

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The 23-year-old, from Cork in Ireland, struggled to find clothes to fit her size 20 frame and with a BMI of 40 she was classed as severely obese.

Eva Warne was compared to a 'charging rhino' from the film Jumanji as she ran for a tram in Manchester. Photo: Caters

The 23-year-old lost a whopping 45kg and is now a slim size 12. Photo: Caters

But after overhearing someone say she looked like a charging rhino while running for a tram in Manchester, Eva finally found the motivation she needed and slimmed down to a size 12.

"I couldn't believe how big I had let myself get, it was humiliating,” preschool teacher Eva said.

"I was running for a tram in Manchester when I heard a stranger say that I looked like the charging rhino from the film Jumanji.

"But after that incident I was completely mortified and that's when I knew I needed to make a change."

Eva admits that for as long as she can remember she had always been bigger than the other girls her age.

Eva credits her incredible transformation to Slimming World and cutting out Chinese takeaways. Photo: Caters

"When I hit 18 I weighed 15st and then the weight really piled on, over the next two years I gained a further three stone,” she said.

"I was constantly out drinking with friends, and I hit a rough patch and became depressed so started comfort eating, it was a vicious cycle.

"On my 21st birthday, I had arranged a joint night out with a friends whose birthday was close to mine, but I couldn't find a dress that fit me.

"I felt awful and it really upset me, I let my friend take the limelight all night and I refused to get in any photos."

And after the rhino incident, not long after her 21st birthday, she joined Slimming World.

"I had tried other diets in the past but nothing ever seemed to work,” she said.

"I was really nervous at first but my consultant was really welcoming, and the group meetings really helped as I was no longer struggling by myself.

"I reached my target weight of 11st 2lbs, which felt amazing.

"I still enjoy a takeaway as a treat every now and then, but instead of ordering everything off the menu I make healthier choices."

Breakfast – nothing
Snacks – cream scone
Lunch – toasted sandwich and chips
Dinner – Chinese takeaway or kebab and chips
Snacks – chocolate

Breakfast – porridge or poached eggs on toast
Lunch – homemade soup or salad
Dinner – steak, homemade oven chips and veg or stir fry

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