Meet the naked yoga teacher

Liz Crosby has been practicing yoga "diligently" for just five years, and it's been a deep dive into not just building her strength and flexibility, but a journey of self-exploration.

Meet the naked yoga teacher

Meet the naked yoga teacher

Her Instagram page is testament to the Californian teacher's dedication – photo after photo appears of Liz contorted into incredible poses on the beach.

Spectacular body control. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

Liz has been committed to her yoga practice since 2012. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

And she prefers to practice naked.

"I truly believe we should be receiving prana life force energy from the sun both within (solar plexus 3rd chakra) and without," Liz explained. "Clothing inhibits receptivity causing and reinforcing blockages in the chakra system."

Liz believes clothing inhibits the body's ability to take energy from the sun. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

She said Western culture has a tendency to sexualise nudity unnecessarily.

The balance and coordination needed to achieve this pose! Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

"Our culture has a lot of taboo around nudity as it is related to the way we objectify each other," Liz went on. "I know that when we are all channeling kundalini energy, the desire to engage sexually will diminish and there will be no need to wear clothing."

Liz's flexibility is extraordinary. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

It's clear yoga is a deeply spiritual practice for Liz, who accompanies most of her posts with an original poem.

Meanwhile, we can barely touch our toes... Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

And she isn't the least bit fazed if people think her practice is funny.

I'm all in
Trusting in energy
Trusting the visions I see
I know I'm not crazy
When I devote all of me
To getting the fusion power plant
Fully functional & up and running
Go ahead and turn me into a meme
I laugh so hard at the text above
Because I rest in the knowing
That I am truth
Hiding nothing
Documenting growth
Clearing my pipes
To connect more fully to the divine
Surrendered to Spirit
Loving all that is"

Liz told Be she feels profoundly connected to the spiritual plane.

"I started practicing diligently in this human body vehicle in 2012, which I think is ironic because that was the end of the Mayan calendar," Liz told Be. "But I've since activated third eye – when enough kundalini energy is flowing through the sushumna channel, the pineal gland excretes dimethyltryptamine, the most powerful hallucinogenic known to humanity."

Liz believes we all draw energy from the sun. Source; Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

"According to yogic philosophy/science of yoga, when you fix your gaze at the space between the eyebrows the wisdom of your past lives is gained," Liz said.

She said she has recently reduced her teaching commitments in order to focus more consistently on self-growth.

Deep in thought. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

"I've recently been cutting back on the number of classes I teach, and halted teaching privates and workshops so that I can delegate more energy to clearing energetic distortions," Liz said. "I do believe physical embodiment of truth to be the most effective catalyst for shifting the current paradigm."

Liz's talents extend beyond yoga, too.

"My practice has evolved to include pole dancing, aerial silks, slack lining, hand balancing on canes, acro, weight training (wrist and ankle weights as well as free weights), massage, energy work (reiki), astrology (movements of large planetary bodies have a huge cause-effect relationship with us), past life regression, theta healing and holographic healing," she said.

"[I am] always staying open to integrating whatever may aid in the release of stagnant energy."

Liz's Instagram feed is incredible. Source: Instagram/lizcrosbyyoga

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