The one thing that lowers stress levels for women is revealed

It’s no secret that vegetables are packed with vitamins and photograph well on Instagram, but apparently a new study concludes that they also relieve stress, too.

People who eat more vegetables throughout the day tended to experience less stress than those who didn't eat many according to the scientists at University of Sydney.

Guess we better stock up on Veggies! Photo: Getty Images.

The study, which focussed on 60,000 Australians who were aged 45 or older found that those who eat between three and four daily servings of vegetables had a 12 per cent lower risk of stress than those who only ate one serving or less.

Researchers weighed up the participants' fruit and vegetable intake, lifestyle factors and psychological distress at two separate time periods: between 2006-08 and 2010.

Interestingly the benefits of veggie consumption were more predominant in females. In fact, women eating three to four daily servings of the good stuff had an 18 per cent lower risk of stress! Meanwhile, women who ate five to seven servings had an impressive 23 per cent lower risk of stress than women who ate one or less servings a day.

Right, we’re sold! BRB, we’re off to bulk-buy some Veggies.

So, could this be the secret to a #Zenlife? Photo: Getty Images.

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