Doctors reveal dumbest things patients have done

If there’s one profession that sees – and hears – it all, it’s doctors and nurses.

With the human body capable of doing some truly weird and wonderful things, there’s all manner of ailments we seek medical help for.

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It only makes sense then that some people (usually when they’re too lazy to Google their health problems like everyone else) get a little confused about how the body works.

Medical professionals have taken to online forum Whisper to reveal the most outrageous things their patients have said – and it’s guaranteed to give you all the LOLs.

The birds and the bees

“[I had to explain] you don’t have to be over 18 to become pregnant (they thought you could only biologically conceive a baby if you were 18+)”

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Time for a heart-to-heart

“One patient asked me to check her pulse to see if it’s beating.”

Making friends with salad

“I’m a dietician. I had a client tell me she had a salad with her meals, but kept gaining weight. After some questions, I found out she never ate the salad, she just had it next to her fattening food.”

Body talk

“There have been instances where women don’t even know their own anatomy and weren’t aware they don’t pee out of their vagina.”

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Repeat offender

"No, you didn’t ‘catch herpes again’. You get it once and it stays with you for life."

Cooling off period

"I had one young lady come up to me and tell me her grandmother was on her period because there was blood in the toilet. She was a 100-year-old with hemorrhoids. Like what?"

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Bugging out

"Had to explain Raid bug spray does not get rid of pubic crabs… I kid you not."

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