Ex-TBL contestant speaks out

When Jodie Gormly appeared on The Biggest Loser in 2015, she managed to shed 42kg in the space of 12 weeks – an incredible achievement.

She received a proposal on camera from her then-boyfriend, Anthony Gormly, and the pair got married in November last year.

Jodie and her husband on their wedding day. Source: Supplied

Now, though, Jodie says this year's choice of contestants has left her feeling like her efforts, and the results she came up with, weren't good enough.

Jodie and Anthony. Source: Supplied

"The Biggest Loser: Transformed made me feel like starting bigger as a contestant that our transformations weren't good enough," Jodie wrote in an emotional Facebook post.

Jodie at one of her 2015 weigh-ins. Source: Channel 10

"Especially when the woman was talking about getting married – when I got married I was bigger than her starting weight."

The contestant in question is primary-school teacher Steph, 36, who at 102.2kg weighs significantly less than Jodie's completion weight of 117kg.

Steph's starting weight is less than Jodie's final weight. Source: Channel 10

"Is the show saying I was too big to get married?" Jodie queried.

The Newcastle sales assistant told Be she found watching the current season far from encouraging.

"It made me feel fat, really, because I wasn’t 102kg when I got married," Jodie said.

"It made me feel like I was too fat to get married, like I wasn’t the ideal bride."

'It made me feel like I wasn't the ideal bride.' Source: Supplied

The other contestant causing Jodie some confusion is Nikki, 25, whose starting weight, at 78.1kg, is the same weight that Jodie's sister Ali Pestell managed to get down to when they competed in The Biggest Loser: Families.

Nikki weighs about the same as Jodie's sister did at the end of the 2015 season. Source: Channel 10

Nikki broke down on the show as she revealed her partner hadn't seen her naked in three years. Photo: Channel 10

"Ali for instance, she started at 132kg and after the show she got down to 78kg and that was a good thing for her," Jodie told Be.

"So to see someone staring at that weight is like a slap in the face for her."

Jodie's sister Ali Pestell at one of her 2015 weigh-ins. Source: Channel 10

These days, Jodie has no contact with anyone from the show or its production company and believes it's because she was happy to stay at the same weight she finished on.

"Because I’m not wanting to get into the fitness industry like some of the other people, they can’t really use me for anything," Jodie told Be.

The happy couple. Source: Supplied

"I pretty much got dumped after the finale, really, because they weren’t impressed with me I think. I don’t feel like the people that make the show really care."

Now, she has some advice for this year's contestants.

"Don't forget who you are and why you went on the show," she said. "I copped negative feedback and bullying from viewers on social media and in person about my behaviour, my results, and how I treated Shannan (Ponton). The TV show isn't real life and those viewers didn't see all sides of my journey. You still have to live your life when the cameras stop rolling."

And as for Steph? Jodie believes self-acceptance is key – not weight.

"If you feel ready to do it you can get married at any size," Jodie said.

Jodie and Anthony. Source: Supplied

Some comments have been edited for clarity.

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