Transformation: from party girl to personal trainer

Meet Lacey Blackman, a former corporate worker turned personal trainer who inspires more than 50,000 Instagram followers.

Transformation: from party girl to personal trainer

Transformation: from party girl to personal trainer

While at the age of 29, she's now an experienced body builder, a strong routine wasn't always the path Lacey expected for herself.

Lacey's incredible work has paid off. Here is a before and after of the trainer. Photo: Instagram/lanlikelacey

The PT has admitted that when she was desk-bound she found herself gaining excessive weight due to a poor nutritional and inactive lifestyle.

"I wasn't doing any exercise, I was eating poorly and I was drinking way too much," she told The Daily Mail.

"We'd go out a lot of weekends and I would be out until the early hours and we would get McDonald's on the way home. I also did a stint at Hamilton Island and would often knock off work and have some drinks afterwards.

"I put on 10 kilograms within a year and it wasn't a great feeling to be so young and noticing my clothes getting snug and have my zipper burst every time I sat down."

Lacey in action! Photo: Instagram/leanlikelacey

Nowadays, Lacey tells the news site she eats 2000 calories per day and undertakes a few sessions of high-intensity cardio along with strength training six days a week.

As a result of overcoming her weight demons, the Queensland-based trainer has vowed to help others with their fitness journey.

Here are a few of her clients' impressive transformations below.

Sammy Lee gained a greater fitness level, lost weight and hasn't had an asthma attack in to years thanks to Lacey and her program. Photo: Instagram/leanlikelacey.

Lydia Johnston's epic results are truly visible after her 56-day challenge! Photo: Instagram/leanlikelacey.

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