WATCH: Fiona Falkiner breaks down over her weight

She may have lost a whopping 30kg when she appeared on The Biggest Loser back in 2006 but Fiona Falkiner has revealed being skinny made her “miserable”.

Speaking in the latest episode of Tea With Jules, the 34-year-old TV host said that while she may have shed the pounds, she never addressed the issues she had with her weight.

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Within months she had gained back nearly all of the weight and now she has broken down in tears over that time in her life.

Fiona Falkiner has broken down speaking about her weight gain. Photo: Tea With Jules

The 34-year-old said being skinny made her miserable. Photo: Tea With Jules

“I wasn’t happy at all, because I hadn’t dealt with the reasons I was the way I was in the first place,” Falkiner said in a chat with Jules Sebastian.

“So I regained the weight quite quickly after the show.

“I was in such a miserable place, so unhappy, and life shouldn’t be about being so unhappy – I’m sorry, it makes me so emotional thinking about it.”

Falkiner was 101kg when she appeared on the show and went from a size 20 to a svelte size 10.

And while she had struggled with her weight her whole life, Falkiner told Jules that a girls’ trip to Thailand was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Falkiner went from a size 20 to a size 10 after appearing on the show. Photo: Instagram

She was 101kg when she entered The Biggest Loser. Photo: Channel 10

“I have always been bigger and taller than all my friends, and I started on piling on weight in my early teens. I was ‘the chubby girl’,” she said.

“During the trip to Thailand, I was too embarrassed to get into a swimsuit or even go trekking. I was putting my life on hold because of my size.”

“I was struggling with self-acceptance, low-esteem, I was really just not a happy person, and I blamed all of that on my size. I thought that if I was skinny, life would be perfect.”

After the show, Falkiner found it hard to deal with life in the spotlight and wasn’t used to seeing pictures of herself in magazines.

Now she has learned to accept her body and often posts bikini photos on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

Falkiner opened up to Jules Sebastian in a candid chat. Photo: Tea With Jules

“Back then, when I used to open a magazine and see photos of myself in a bikini, I’d break down in tears,” she said.

“Now I’m like, how did they find me [laughs]? I either don’t read it or don’t care.”

Since then, the star has appeared in a steamy shoot for Maxim magazine, hosts The Biggest Loser and has learned to fully accept her body.

“If I’d never struggled with my weight and if I’d never been tall and curvy, I would never have lived the life that I’ve lived, which I’m so blessed and thankful for,” she said.

“It’s funny that what I thought was the bane of my existence, I now celebrate.”

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