Woman loses 70kg after seeing wedding pics

A fast-food lover has lost an incredible 70kg after being shocked by her wedding photos.

Debbie Lange, from Detroit in Michigan, USA, was so embarrassed by her 140kg frame that she hated looking at pictures from her big day.

Looking at her wedding pics, Debbie decided she needed to make a change. Source: Caters News

"Looking back at my wedding pictures and seeing how overweight I was didn't make me feel especially beautiful," Debbie, 30, said.

"I didn't get to have a wedding day most normal-sized women do. Looking back at the pictures just made me feel sad because I was not the size of your typical bride.

"Because of my weight, I didn't feel special and didn't look it in the picture. I didn't feel as beautiful as some of my friends were when they got married.

Debbie immediately decided to shed her excess weight. Source: Caters News

She had been overweight since childhood, but a twice-a-day McDonald's habit led her to pile on the pounds – making her believe she would be "fat forever".

At her worst Debbie, would consume close to 17,000 kilojoules per day – with an emphasis on McDonalds meals, large lasagne portions, chocolate snacks and large soft drinks.

Despite trying diet pills, fad diets and exercising, she could never keep the weight off and believes she was struggling with a food addiction.

"A lot of things kept me overweight, from the vast amount of food I was eating, the types of food I was choosing and that I had no education about what was healthy," Debbie said.

Chicken nuggets were Debbie's kryptonite. Source: Caters News

"I was eating lots of fast food, chips, sweets – I'd have candy bars at my desk and would also eat in private so people didn't know how much I was eating.

After being too humiliated to look through her wedding pictures, she underwent a gastric bypass.

Debbie, shortly before undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Source: Caters News

In her first month, Debbie lost 9kg just from her reduced food intake.

"I had surgery to make my stomach the size of an egg and reroute some of my intestine, so my body wouldn't absorb all of the fat and calories," Debbie explained.

"At first the weight loss was inevitable as I was mainly living off liquids. Then I exercised on the treadmill, would go on walks during my lunch break and around my neighbourhood after work, I tried to get extra steps in wherever I could during the day.

"Eventually my walking progressed to running three to four days a week and I got into doing 5km races."

Debbie is now a slim 70kg. Source: Caters News

A restricted food intake, combined with working out four times a week, impressively led her to lose close to 70kg.

Now she is celebrating her transformation and showing off her new physique by posing in her wedding dress now that she's so much smaller.

"Now I've posed in my wedding dress and I can't believe how different I look, it's been a long road but I'm so glad I didn't give up," Debbie said.

These days, Debbie could fit two of herself into the gown. Source: Caters News

Debbie praises surgery as a great "tool" for people who have struggled to lose weight.

"A gastric bypass is not a quick fix and definitely requires a lifestyle change, many sacrifices and dedication to leading a healthier life," she said.

"It's just a tool to help people like me, who struggled with food addiction for so long, to have a chance to be normal."

Breakfast – McDonald's McGriddle meal with two hash browns and a large soda
Snacks – chips and lollies
Lunch – McDonalds chicken nuggets with cheeseburger and a sundae or a pizza buffet
Snacks – lollies, chips and crackers
Dinner – large lasagne
Dessert – cookies, brownies or ice cream

Breakfast – protein shake or low sugar oatmeal
Snacks – almonds, peanuts, protein or low-fat Greek yoghurt
Lunch – salad with chicken
Snacks – cottage cheese or roasted almonds
Dinner – baked chicken with steamed veggies
Dessert – sugar-free jelly

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