Fitness blogger reveals how to lose weight in just two weeks


Instagram fitness sensation Courtney Black has come up with four easy ways to get rid of those extra kilos — in just a couple of weeks.

Posting photos of her scantily-clad figure to inspire her 167,000 followers, the 20-year-old UK-based gym fanatic managed to lose a significant amount of weight in under two weeks.

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Black revealed that she felt ready to buckle down after she binged on a trip to New York, eating more than 7,500 calories a day. “When I returned home, I felt awful and bloated. The extra weight I put on made me feel lousy and slow,” she told the Daily Express.

The fitness blogger has revealed the best weight loss program her body responds to. Photo: Instagram

After deciding that she wanted to get back to her pre-holiday body, Courtney underwent a simple regime that didn’t involve any fad detoxes. “I absolutely hate hearing about juice cleanses or shake diets in order to lose weight,” she said. “In my opinion, they should be banned.”

Here’s exactly what she did — and recommends — instead:

Sweat it out in the sauna

Courtney believes that most of the weight you gain in a short period of time is actually water retention. This can easily happen if you’re not drinking enough fluids, eating food that’s high in salt and sugar, and not doing much in the way of exercise.

Regular sauna sessions will help sweat out a lot of this excess water, leaving you with a much less bloated look (and feel).

The UK gym fanatic swears by using a sauna to de-bloat. Photo: Instagram

Work out your maintenance calories

Following the same diet as everyone else won’t do you much good. You need to work out the precise number of calories your body needs so that you can start losing weight.

For women, this can be between 1,400 and 2,000 calories a day — depending on your height, weight, and how often you exercise. This number is what’s known as your maintenance figure.

To shed weight, you need to eat below your maintenance figure. Important rule: Never go more than 500 calories below it. (A simple online calculator or trained professional can help you work out your maintenance figure.)

Not everyone is the same, so it's all about working out how many calories you need, says Black. Photo: Instagram

Reduce your workout resting periods

Going to the gym is (unfortunately) a required step. But to see weight loss quickly, you need to increase the intensity of your workouts.

There’s an incredibly easy way of doing this, according to Courtney: Simply shorten your rest time between exercises — or try to cut them out altogether.

If you want to lose weight, you need to put in the hard yards at the gym. Photo: Instagram

Add in a cheat meal

Obviously, you’ll need to stock up on all the healthy food you can get — but don’t forget to buy a cheat meal every week as well.

These little treats are important for your weight-loss regime as they help boost metabolism and encourage your body to burn calories much more quickly — not to mention keep you happy. Still, unlike a lot of other diet plans, Courtney’s plan doesn’t recommend you have an entire cheat day, as this can knock you off course.

Hard work is important, but letting yourself enjoy life is too, says the social media star. Photo: Instagram

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