Girl's infected filler squeezed from forehead

Two words, brace yourself.

Girl's infected filler squeezed from forehead

Girl's infected filler squeezed from forehead

If you have a weak stomach, are eating right now, faint easily or can't handle goo, look away NOW.

See that bulge there? It's about to come out. Source:

This is the moment a woman has her infected dermal filler physically squeezed out of her forehead, and it is seriously, epically gross.

Consider that fair warning.

Nong Guang, 41, had the filler injected almost two years ago but it became infected, and the consistency of the filler changed so much, it was squishy and malleable.

"I had the filler two years ago but then the last three or four days it had started to hurt a lot so I went to see the doctor," Nong told Metro.

"My whole forehead was soft and squidgy when it was touched. The plastic surgery was infected. The doctor said there was a problem with it. It hurt a lot and I could move it around under my skin. It left a whole when it was touched. But I’m happy it has been fixed now."

HUP, there it is. Source:

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